Are you frustrated with your book writing journey because there’s no structure or framework?

Let this mini-course, The Book Writing Blueprint be your personal guide to outlining and framing your writing. Leave the scattered thoughts alone and shape your writing starting today! In this mini-course, I will discuss three basic things that will help you outline your book ideas.

I’m sharing what I have learned from my own book writing experience…

  • I've spent 2 years and helped dozens of authors write over 100,000 pages using the content in this course

  • These outlining tips are what has helped me become a 5 time best selling author and book writing coach to many

  • You only need three things to start successful shaping your book writing

  • Outlining your book writing is not as difficult as you think

In this course, I share:

  • How to write a clear and organized book outline from scratch

  • How to turn what you’ve already written into your desired outline

  • How to better communicate your thoughts in a book form

  • How to navigate the 3 main sections of a book

Who is this course for?

  • First-time authors

  • Seasoned writers

  • Anyone wanting to organize their book writing

What Others Are Saying

““I have wanted to write a book for years. I am so glad I was able to make my dream a reality. I wouldn’t have wanted to walk this first time author road with anyone else. The Joseph’s Ministry team was an absolutely blessing to partner with. They provided guidance and counsel and are patient, professional, insightful, discerning and Spirit-led. Thank you all for such an excellent experience and product.”

Tara / Oklahoma

“I visited the Writer’s Club that Meagan Pinkney organized a couple of times before contacting Joseph’s Ministry. I struggled with the writing process and kept getting distracted. Thankfully, Joseph’s Ministry agreed to work with me, which gave me the extra push to finish my book. I cannot thank them enough for all the support and hard work they put into making my dream of writing a book come true! It was such a privilege, and I pray that God would continue blessing Joseph’s Ministry in incredible ways. ”

Maya / Oklahoma

“ I had been holding onto my finished manuscript for over 7 years. Once I found Joshepsminstiry and submitted it to them it was a done deal in a few weeks. I am so excited at the excellence at which they handled my book and their constant communications with me letting me know all the steps of the progress. The coaching and training were a wonderful plus. They will be my go-to service for my next 2 books and many more! ”

Larhonda / Texas

Your Teacher

Meagan Pinkney

Meagan Pinkney is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Engineer, speaker, minister, Reader's Choice Award winner, and entrepreneur. Meagan is active in her pursuit to inspire individuals on their journey through life. Meagan's life is an example to many that your life can be very productive and fruitful when your time and energy is focused in the right direction. This is the message that Meagan is sharing to individuals everywhere that she goes. Being the founder and CEO of Joseph’s Ministry, LLC, Meagan and her team, work diligently to help individuals and businesses get to their next level. Growing up in Southern Louisiana, Meagan Pinkney earned a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and her Master's Degree in Business Administration. Meagan is currently a Graduate student pursuing a Master's degree in Divinity with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy.

What's included

  • Free ebook : Your Book Outline + Guide ebook

  • The sections sections needed to shape your book writing

  • 30% discount on Level up coaching package with Best selling author, Meagan Pinkney

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